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It is our mission to seek out the best gear at the best prices.

Save on gear - more money for beer!

Skioutlet.ca came around as an idea between three friends who all worked together in the industry. They have been sales guys, techs, reps, marketers and even wannabe pro skiers! Now, they have seen an abundance of incredible gear on the market that is not getting to consumers. Big stores want to sell you in-season product for as much margin as they can. We say, who cares if it is last season's colours!? The gear is just as awesome but at a fraction of the cost.

This site is just getting going. We have a few deals on some great product and are searching the country for more. We know skis, we know apparel and we know accessories. We get what is good and what is a dud. Hopefully here on skioutlet.ca you will see that we love to ski and want to help you get the gear you need at a much better price.

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